GSA Contract #GS-07F-6052P

Tarp Covers

Fire Retardant Tarps

Some of your jobs require fire retardant tarps. When working with flammable materials or substances, trust Humphrys for a large assortment of flameproof tarps
now available in 16 colors!

PVC-Coated Fire-Retardant Tarps


Use for whole house fumigation

We offer five weights, from 10 oz./sq. yd. up to 32 oz./sq. yd. in a wide assortment of colors. All fabrics meet NFPA 701 for flame retardancy and most other fire-retardant specifications.

Tarp Construction

These fire-retardant tarps are made with heat-sealed seams and 3-ply double-stitched hems. Grommets are spaced 3' apart. Closer spacing on request.


We can make any size to meet your needs.

Custom sizes

We can make any size or color mesh tarp from any of our fabrics to your specifications.

PVC-Coated Fire-Retardant Tarp Specifications

Oz./sq. yd. Tensile Strength/lbs.* Tear Strength/lbs.** Flame-Out***
10 135 x 127 36 x 39 2 sec/max
18 275 x 230 70 x 60 2 sec/max
22 280 x 270 70 x 60 2 sec/max
27 315 x 300 125 x 90 2 sec/max
32 330 x 315 135 x 100 2 sec/max

* ASTM D-1682
** ASTM D-2261
*** NFPA 701

Available Colors

Actual colors may vary.


Welding Tarps and Blankets


Our thermoglass welding blankets are made from an 18 oz. woven fiberglass cloth that is available in an Oatmeal color. Certified to a temperature of 1,000°F.


Hemmed and stitched with high temperature thread. Grommets placed 3' apart.

Tarp Sizes

Any size available.

No disintegration up to 1,000 °F Heavy duty 18 oz. glass fabric